WE Are Horus Taxi LLC Of Raleigh

Horus taxi LLC functions as part of the Taxi USA group of cab companies operating in the South East United States with headquarters here in North Carolina. Our brand is built on over 100 years of industry experience, refinement and success. Coupling the latest in PCI compliant credit card technology, 24 hour video surveillance, and GPS dispatch systems with neat, clean, and polite service, Horus taxi LLC brings the quality to transportation that you as a passenger deserve. We look forward to growing along with the community, and even more to serving you.

Airport & Shuttle

Early morning flight? Don’t want to leave a vehicle at the airport? Let us help! All taxi taxi vehicles provide transportation to the airport quickly and efficiently. You can even schedule your ride in advance by telephone, computer, smart phone app, or digital booking agents.

Corporate Accounts

We know how important it is when an executive manager, your biggest account, or even your fellow sales team members come in to town. Our management team knows how much your clients' first impressions of the city reflect on you, which is why we are committed to providing transportation that exceeds expectations.

Town To Town Shuttle

Allow Horus taxi LLC Of Raleigh to take care of your most important clients and team members with professional service, precise and efficient equipment, and a relaxing and enjoyable ride. we believe in making your concerns ours. Grab one of our taxis and create an evening that’s focused on the experience, and not on the travel.

Out on the Town

Going out on Saturday night is supposed to be a reprieve from the anxieties of the daily grind, so why spend the evening worrying about finding a parking space, or fighting about who has to drive home? At taxi taxi.

Long Trips From/to Raleigh

we believe in making your concerns ours. Grab one of our taxis and create an evening that’s focused on the experience, and not on the travel. You worry about enjoying yourself; we’ll worry about the driving!

Daily Transport

Horus taxi LLC isn't just here to handle the major transportation needs of the visitors to the city; Horus taxi LLC is here to serve the community! Horus taxi LLC drivers are always available for trips to the grocery store, transportation for hospital visits, or when your car just won't start.

Latest News from orus Taxi LLC

Notice:Estimate your fare - Estimate the approximate fare between two addresses. Keep in mind that four passengers ride for the price of one making us a very cost-effective alternative to airport shuttles.

Turning Trips In To Experiences!

22 Sept 2015, by Horus Taxi LLC

Our team of professional reservation agents are available 24/7 to coordinate anything from a basic trip to an early morning group account call. Travel plans change constantly, so our representatives are trained to be flexible, accommodating, and responsive, even for cancellations or adjustments at the last minute. Please feel free to contact a member of our team anytime at 919-637-8833.

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Rates & Reservations!

22 Sept 2013, by Horus Taxi LLC

Horus taxi LLC adheres strictly to the pricing ordinances set by the city so you will never have to worry about being charged the wrong price. Please reference the following list for taxi rates within the city of Raleigh

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Trip Tracking

22 Sept 2013, by Horus Taxi LLC

Horus Taxi LLC wants to make your wait time as short as possible, and assure you that your cab is on the way. With our Trip Tracker, you can see your cab in real time and find out how long until it arrives. Please enter your reservation information below to get the most up to date location and timing on your taxi!

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We’re Here to Serve You!

22 Sept 2013, by Horus Taxi LLC

We never want to hide anything from our customers, especially what it will costs to ride with Horus taxi LLC . Our Trip Estimator allows you to estimate the cost of your next trip, giving you peace of mind and assurance in your next ride. Prefer to talk to one of our customer service agents? We can always be reached at 919-637-8833.

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