TrueStory 1

And He Wasn't Have No Home As Yet!Mohamed Issa The Horus Taxi LLC, CEO When Start His Company Name Dream It Just Where From His Home Car Office . Read More

TrueStory 2

This Growing On Business That Not Easy Working Day And Night To Help The Durham Community With Taxi Shuttle Was One Of Our Manager major periotity And He Keep Up Untill He Growing The BusinessRead More

TrueStory 3

This Our Manager Faithfully Help People We Hope From Durham Coummunity To Help our Manager Get Heald From His Shot Gun Wound So Would You Please Help UsRead More

Our Mission

Due To What Just Take Random Place On Our Company Horus Taxi LLC Family And What Defect Our Top Lead From Being Able To Handle The Business For Almost Six Monthes To Whats Doctor Said 3 Years Healing, Thats Why We Realy On Durham Community To Fundraise Our Manager To Get Back To Normal Life So Please Donate And Help As You Can.

June 252015

At 12:55 AM The Manager Recieved A Random Call For Taxi Service

From Our Company Horus Taxi LLC And Then At 1:00AM The Manager Have Been Shot On The Front Door Of The Home Office Located At 518 N Hardee Street Durham NC From A Random 2 People With A Shoot Gun Left Him Blooded And Wounded In The Stomach

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July 162015

At 12:30 PM Duke University Hospital Released The Manager To His Home

At This Point Our Manager Really Need A safest Place To Move To And Need Help To Get To Start From A Point Of Help In Medication And Health Care

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July 302015

At 8:30 AM We Called The Emergency Room To Our Manager Due To Amajor Clot That Took Place On His Legs And Caused Him Not Walking

Almost At Duke University Hospital Some One Can Be Lost But We Still Blieve On You Durham Community That You Can Assist And Raies Funds And Donation To Help Our Manager Get His Health Back

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